Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to Check checkbox checked property using JQuery

Question:I need to check the checked property of a checkbox and perform an action based on the checked property using jQuery.

For example, if the age checkbox is checked, then I need to show a textbox to enter age, else hide the textbox.

But the following code returns false by default:
if($('#isAgeSelected').attr('checked')) {
} else {
How do I successfully query the checked property?

The .checked property of a checkbox DOM element will tell give you the checked state of the element.

Given your existing code, you could therefore do this:
if(document.getElementById('isAgeSelected').checked) {
} else {
However, there's a much prettier way to do this, using toggle:
$('#isAgeSelected').click(function () {

Use jQuery's is() function:
$("#txtAge").show();  // checked
$("#txtAge").hide();  // unchecked
Source : Stackoverlow
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