Sunday, July 19, 2015

Merging from branch to trunk

Merging from branch to trunk--

Tortoise svn

  • Make sure you’ve committed everything to your branch.
  • Backup your whole working copy
  • Switch your working copy to trunk: Right click->TortoiseSVN->Switch. Select your trunk URL, HEAD revision and press OK.
  • Resolve conflicts if any

  • Merge :
 Right click->TortoiseSVN->Merge. In from box select URL of your trunk (HEAD revision), uncheck Use “From:” checkbox in To section and 

select branch URL in To box. Test wit “Dry run” and press “Merge” if everything is correct.

  • Resolve conflicts
  • Be careful when committing there can be some unwanted files come, so make sure you have checked only your changes while committing.
  • Commit to trunk