Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Drive safely on U-turns learn the tips

Do you know how to drive in the U-turns? Do you know how to safely take a U-turn?
Driving in U-turn is an important subject in the driving test and in your driving practice and it is mandatory you should know because in your final driving test you have to face it to grab your license.

# The U-turn drive in a final test

One day I was driving through the Al-Qusais area and I am in open U-turn (I will talk about open/closed U-turn in a moment). In front of my car I saw EDI test car which hold the label behind the car saying 'caution.. Driver under the test' I looked in to the car and saw there are three candidates and an examiner inside. One of them was driving and he is going to take U-turn. He given the indicator. Good. You should provide the indicator. Next he looked the on-coming traffic from his left side. He wait patiently and after ensuring there is no further vehicle he took the U-turn. There is another vehicle in his opposite side, he given the way to him as well Is he right on his procedure?
Yes he is absolutely right. In open U-turn he should give way to the vehicle to your opposite side too.

# Type of mistake which you should avoid

Here the majority of the student committing the mistake is even if there is no traffic coming from right side too he will wait the command from the examiner to proceed. You should not. They will watch every moment and if you are waiting for the examiner to say the result is the candidate is not having confidence to drive on traffic which is major mistake. Instead you should scan the traffic properly and take a proper decision. Ensure there is no traffic from your right side and proceed
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Download and install java 6 JDK for macbook maverick(10.9.4)

java 6 jdk for mac maverick(10.9.4) - install specific jdk on mac.

As I found from forum that for apple the java sdk is not from Oracle my first try was to find out where is it got pre-installed or not. 

so got the answer that from

Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and above: Java is not pre-installed with Mac OS X versions 10.7 and above. To get the latest Java from Oracle, you will need Mac OS X 10.7.3 and above. 

so I need to install so I went to

Here I couldn't see the version 6 which I was looking for. If you also looking for version 6 you can see the note like this
The screen shots and instructions below are for Java 7 Update 6 (7u6). If you are installing another version, make sure you change the version number appropriately.

Nothing on the page helped me. Again dependent to the geeks on SO. Found this URL in one of the topic

Done? Not yet.
Went to terminal and typed java -version so I can see it correctly installed

Now I need to know the install location It is hard to find where it got installed. because I need the install location to add the jboss to intellij
finally found in the path /Library/Java/Home and fullpath of sdk is /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to drive on roundabouts in Dubai Driving exam


Have you ever wondered why the need of roundabouts? I have seen lot of Roundabouts in Dubai which was a surprise for me!

Roundabouts are made to smooth traffic in the intersections. And mostly it will be more than one lane. In Dubai you can see many roundabouts in internal roads. If you are learning driving in the Belhasa centres you may be knowing this as the route where test takes place having few roundabouts you have to drive. You can see this symbol to indicate there is a roundabot you are approaching.

Things to take care on roundabouts

On approaching the roundabouts you have to reduce your speed to about to 20KMPH it will help you to gain good control and can give way to other vehicles in the roundabout.

You must give way to the vehicle already in the roundabout and also the traffic from your left side. You can enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap and you feel safe.

Treat this intersection exactly as you would for any other intersection you encountered and cautious too.

There are some rules you need to understand and follow for safe driving that  if Depend on the direction where you are going through the roundabout

You have to choose correct lane for exit from roundabout. 

# 1 Turning right

If you are turning right, signal right on approaching the roundabout.

Check the traffic from your left side and if any vehicle approaching you have to give way. Also if there is an enough gap you have to drive through. Then only enter the roundabout.

# 2 continue straight

If you are going straight, do not signal on approach.  You’re not turning, you are simply steering around the traffic circle.  If you signal right, people think you are turning right; and that could be dangerous as he may try to overtake you by assuming you are going right.

When you pass the first exit turn on the right signal to indicate you are exiting the roundabout and quickly check your blind spot to ensure any one mistaking trying pass you from your right side

# 3 Left turn

If you are turning left, signal left before the traffic circle.  This is particularly important in the case where there’s an oncoming vehicle approaching after you’ve already entered the circle. If you have your left signal on, the driver should yield to you and it should be obvious where you are going.  If you don’t have a signal, or you signal too late, the driver may assume you’re going straight and might pull in front of you.

Always be prepared in the case where other drivers may not give way.  Some drivers are confused at these intersections and this cause trouble too.

The roundabout driving especially in Dubai have different direction sign depends on Two Lanes or Three Lanes. And the rules will slightly vary depends on number of lanes.

Roundabout on Two lane road

Two Lane road

Go to right: If you want to go to right from the two way r/a, Approach in the right lane and stay in that lane. Signal to right. Leave the right hand lane.

Go to straight: If you wish to proceed straight you can chose either right hand land lane or left hand lane. Important to remember that you have to proceed with the same lane which you chosen to enter. That means if you chose left hand lane to enter you should exit through left hand lane only.

If you want to turn right immediate after exiting roundabout you can choose right hand lane to enter. Otherwise you can use left hand lane.

No signal required on approach. Signal right once you passed the first ext.

Go to left: If you want to take left or u-turn always take left hand lane

Signal left on approach. Signal right once you passed second exit. Check vehicle on right when you decided to exit. Also follow the correct lane when exit.

Roundabout on Three lane road

Three lane road

Go to right: You can follow same procedure for two lane road, Approach in the right lane and stay in that lane. Signal to right. Leave the right hand lane.

Go to straight: If you wish to proceed straight you can chose either right hand lane or center lane. Important to remember that you have to proceed with the same lane which you chosen to enter. That means if you chose center lane to enter you should exit through left hand lane only.

Same as two lane roar, If you want to turn right immediate after exiting roundabout you can choose right hand lane to enter. Otherwise you can use center lane.

No signal required on approach. Signal right once you passed the first ext.

Go to left: Same as two lane road If you want to take left or u-turn always take left hand lane

Signal left on approach. Signal right once you passed second exit. Check vehicle on right when you decided to exit. Also follow the correct lane when exit.

Note: Don't forget to signal right once you pass the second exit because you have to cross two lanes to exit and vehicle will be there on the right. They will be knowing you are exiting the roundabout only by knowing your signal. If unknowingly vehicle coming on right you should not exit instead you should take a round and rady to exit.

What is in the exam

  • Drive through the roundabout
  • Correct use of signals
  • Proper scanning of road and other vehicles and road users.
  • Usage of proper lane while approaching roundabout and exiting roundabout
  • Yielding(Giving way) to other vehicles


As this is one of the mandatory subject in the RTA exam in Dubai you should do well to get your license. Good luck to you.

How was your experience on driving through roundabout?
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to book hotel in for Umrah in Saudi Arabia

Have you done hotel booking online any time before? If not I am just explain the procedure below for you can follow to book hotels in Saudi Arabia for the Umrah pilgrimage. As it become one of the mandatory you to hold hotel booking receipt it will help you. You can book on website easily. is a big Hotel Booking database engine offering a lot range of hotels and restaurants in the world.

Enter your details in the search box website covering most of the good hotels in and around Makkah and Madinah it become popular tool to book hotel while Visiting the holy places. It come up with lot of offers and cheap hotels also which you may not get from any of the agents and booking is easy too for any one who know basics of computer and internet operations. Note: You should go through the list various hotels. Because if you explore more you may find more cheaper and convenient hotels than which listing in the first. So you can get more easiness. Also read the terms and conditions before booking. This will help us to avoid any difficulties later.
Recommended to you use private computer when booking because you may have to enter credit card details while booking.

May Allah bless us.

It also a good tool to book hotel to anywhere in the world like the big cities London, Dubai etc.

You can change the location if you wish to change, For example if you want to change to Madinah enter 'Al Madinah' in the Destination column.

Enter the Check-in date -- The date you want to start stay, Enter Check-out date -- the date until you wish to stay

When you click on search page it will redirect to new window on

Please follow as the explanation and screenshots for the reservation.

It will take you to all hotel listing page. you can see hotels based on ratings, you can further filter based on price, star rating etc using the search criteria given on the left side.

You can click on the 'Book now' button to know more about hotel and facilities.


You can see the hotel detailed description and photos in this page. Also you can see the offers. Some hotels provide free breakfast.

You can see the room type if you scroll down. There may be conditions like refundable/non-refundable during cancellation. The cost will vary based on this.. If you are not sure on your trip recommend you to take the room with free cancellation. So you won't lose your money.

Enter number of rooms and click on Reserve button

On next screen enter your personal details as below. and don't forget to check breakfast check-box to avail that offer.

Once enter the details click on continue button

Enter your credit card details and telephone number in the next screen and click on the Book .. button

thank you. Do you find easy to book hotel for this year Umrah? If you found any trouble or question just speak to any friends or colleagues they can guide you

video guide

Please let me know if you need any help on [email protected] or the comment box below. I can help you
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How to perform Umrah - Step by step

Umrah step by step guide
image credit -flickr/ Mohammedمحمد Al mobarak
Assalamu alikum,

Dear, please find the step by step procedure for performing Umrah. Please let me know if need to make any correction or update. May Allah accept our good deeds. Include in your prayers.

1. Wear Ihram

  • Before passing the Meeqat – (the place where the Umrah starts, and one enters the state of Ihram) ; follow links for details how to wear Ihram - Link 

2. Declare Intention

  • Labbaik Allaahumma 'Umrah(Here I am O Allah making 'Umraah) 

3. Make the Talbiyah (men to raise their voices) and continue making the Talbiyah until you reach the Kaba and start your Tawaf 

  Labbayk Allahumma labbayk, labbayka laa shareeka laka labbayk, innal‐hamda wan‐ni'mata laka wal‐mulk, laa shareeka lak 
(Here I am, O Allah, here I am. Here I am. You have no partner. Here I am. Surely all praise, grace and dominion is yours, and you have no partner.)

4. Entering Masjid Al Haram ‐ (in Makkah, Saudia Arabia) 

  Enter with your right foot

Make duaa of the Masjid

  Bismillahi, Allallhumma salli 'alaa muhammadin wa sallim ‐ allaahumma aftah lee abwaaba rahmatika

(In the name of Allaah! O Allaah! Exalt the mention of your Messenger. O Allaah! Forgive my sins, and open the gates of
Your mercy for me)

5. Tawaf (7 rounds around the Ka'bah) ‐ You must be in Wudu (ablution) 

- Men to leave their right shoulder bare ONLY during the entire Tawaf, this is called Idtiba'a, after the tawaf men need to cover both shoulders.
- Start at the Black Stone, either Kiss it if you can, if not  Touch it with your right hand, if not face the Black Stone and point at it with your right hand
- Say Bismillah, Allahu Akbar (just before kissing it/or just before or whilst touching/pointing)

- For men, to Raml (hasten/briskly walk) during the first 3 rounds of Tawaf and walk normally during the other 4 rounds.

- Once you reach the Yamani corner, either Touch it with your right hand (do not kiss it), and say Bimsillah Allahu Akbar  or if unable, then continue without gesturing or saying anything 

- From the Yamani corner to the Black Stone recite  Rabbanaa aatinaa fid‐dunyaa hasanatan wa feel aakhirati hasanatan wa qinaa 'adhaaban naar 
(Our Lord, grant us good in this life and good in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of the Hellfire.
[Quran; 2:201]) 

- Once you return back to the Black Stone, you have completed 1 round, and you need to repeat the above steps 6 more times. 
NB.There is no specific duaa's that must be read during the Tawaf. Make as many supplications from your heart, for that which  will benefit you. Recite whatever you wish, supplicate to Allaah by asking for good, recite the Quran, anything you wish.  

6. After Completing Tawaf, proceed to Maqaam‐e Ibraaheem ‐ (Prophet Ibraaheem's(S.A) station)

Recite this verse (which means):
Wattakhidhoo min‐maqaami ibraaheema musalla
(And take you (people) the Maqaam (place) of Ibraheem as a place of Prayer. [Quran; 2:125]) 
Pray two short Rak'ahs, as close as conveniently possible behind Maqaam‐e Ibraheem. If it is not possible then you can pray them anywhere in the sacred mosque.
o It is preferred to recite during the first Rak'ah (after Surah Al Fatiha), Surah Al‐Kafiroon and during the second Rak'ah (after Surah Al Fatiha) Surah Al‐lkhlaas

7. Go to Zam Zam Wells 

- Make duaa before drinking
- Drink Zam Zam water
- Pour water over your head   Return to the Black Stone touch it with your right hand (as before), if it is not convenient do nothing, and proceed to do Sai.

8. Sa'i (7 circuits)

having wudu is highly recommended, but not compulsory
As you leave the boundary of the Masjid, you can say (as prescribed for all Masaajid):

 Bismillahi was‐salaatu was‐salaamu 'alaa rasoolillahi, Allahum‐ma inee a'‐aluka min fadhlika, Allahum‐ma a'simnee minash‐shaitaanie‐rajeem
(In the name of Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah. O Allaah, I ask You from Your favour. O Allaah, guard from the accursed devil.)

Upon approaching Mount Safaa, the following ayaat (verse) is recited
 Innas‐safaa wal marwata min sha'aa'irillaahi faman hajjal baita 'awi'tamara falaa janaaha 'alaihi an yattawwafa bihimaa wa man tatawwa'a khiran fa'innallaaha shaakirun 'aleemun
(Verily, As‐Safaa and Al‐Marwah are from the symbols of Allaah. So it is not a sin on him who performs Hajj or 'Umrah of the house (ka 'bah) to perform the going (tawaaf) between them. And whoever does good voluntarily, then verily, Allaah is the All‐Recognizer, All‐Knower. [Quran; 2:158])
  Abda'u bimaa bada'Allahu bihi (I begin with what Allaah began with.)

Then ascend upon Mount Safaa, face the Qiblah, raise your hands and recite 3 times:

  Allaahu akbar allaahu akbar allaahu akbar. (Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest) Laa ilaaha illa Allah, Wahdahu laa Sharika lah, Lah ul‐Mulk, Wa lah ul‐Hamd, Wa huwa 'ala Kulli shay'in Qadeer, Laa ilaaha illa Allah, Anjaza wa'dah, Wa Nasara 'abdah, Wa hazam al‐Ahzaba wahdah (There is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, Alone. He has no partner, To Him belongs the kingdom, & all praise belongs to Him, & He has power above all things, There is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, He fulfilled His promise, Granted victory to His servant, And alone He defeated the allied army.)

Then you Praise Allah, Send Salaam upon Muhammad (sa) and then make as much personal Du'as as you like. Pray for anything from the goodness of this life and the next, pray for both yourself and others. Then descend from Mount Safaa and go walking towards Mount Marwah When you reach the green sign, men are to hasten their walk for a while, but do not run. Then return to your normal phase of walk at the next green sign. Upon reaching Mount Marwah repeat the same procedure as when ascending Mount Safaa (face the Qibla, raise your hands and repeat what was said on Mount Safaa.) This completes one circuit.

Continue and complete in total 7 circuits, ending the last one on Mount Marwah. Enjoy the process. You've come all this way, open your heart in glorification and Dua to Allah!

NB.There are no particular supplications to be recited between Safaa and Marwah. It is up to the worshipper to praise Allah or supplicate Him in his own words, or he may recite portions of the Our'an.

8. After Completing Sa'i, Trim/Cut the hair It is recommended for men are to shave all their hair, but they can trim it all the way round Women are to shorten their hair by a finger tip. Now all Ihraam rules are lifted,and your Umrah is completed.

 May Allah accept your Umrah, Ameen!!

Get the PDF Book here

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