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Umrah Visa - A preparatory guide

Assalam Alikum...

This season Umrah Pilgrimage started at December ,2014

The photo taken during my pilgrimage
May Allah bless all of us. 

Congratulations on you decided or have a wish to visit the sacred place which is a dream of millions of brothers and sisters. 

# We can go for Umrah in two ways

  1. By joining the group package provided by various tour operators. 
  2. By obtaining visa from the Saudi consulate or from various Umrah operators

If you want to get the visa yourself continue read on below. Following is my experience sharing with you which will be helpful for the preparation of Umrah. 

I was travelling from Dubai for Umrah a short period of 10 days. I have accompanied by my wife and 3 year old son.

# Documents required to get the Umrah visa.

It is important to note that you can apply for Umrah visa through an approved agent only. But you can do hotel, transport and flight booking yourself.

1: Original Passport (should valid for 6 months) 

2 UAE Residence Visa (Valid for 3 months)

3: Vaccination Card from Ministry of health in UAE. 

I took the vaccination from Al Baraha hospital Duabi. It was free of cost during that time and it is 25 Dhms per person now(You should have UAE Health Card). A vaccination certificate against Meningococcal Meningitis should be attached with your application. 

 The certificate of vaccinations should have been issued not more than three years and not less than 10 days prior to entry to Saudi Arabia and it is valid for three years. The vaccination certificate must be with the applicant on entry to Saudi Arabia. This vaccination is against for meningitis and influenza. 

You have to take NOC certificate along with you when you going for vaccination. For pregnant vaccination not required, this certificate have to obtain from the al-baraha hospital. They will provide this by verifying the scanning and doctors other prescriptions.

4: No Objection Certificate from Sponsor.I got the certification from my sponsor, for wife and kid NOC not required. It should be in Arabic. NOC letter from company in Arabic to Saudi council name.

5: 2 Passport Size Photo's colour with white background 

6. Marriage certificate copy(Not required if your spouse is in your sponsorship) 

7. Emirates ID card copy 

Alhamdulilla , I got the visa stamped in 5 days.

flight booking for Umrah

I booked my flight ticket through the flight carrier Air Arabia. This was the cheapest flight available other than nas air. You can book online easily
Following flights you can book online in their respective sites
From Dubai

  • Emirates
  • Fly Dubai
  • Nasair
  • Saudia
From Sharjah
  • air arabia
  • nasair
From Abudhabi
  • Etihad
  • Saudia

# hotel booking

If you are flying by arranging your visa by yourself you should book the hotel in advance. I had learned this lesson when I reached there I found difficulty to find good hotels suitable to my budget. Now the hotel booking documents are mandatory to show in the airport.

 You can book the hotel in advance online in website where you can see plenty of options based on your choice. You can book in Makkah and Madinah based on your travel plan. 

If you want book hotel in Madinah follow the link 
If you need any help on hotel booking please find my post how to book hotel on
You can also get the help from travel agent to book the hotel. But the online booking site like will give you the hotel much lesser rate.

#Umrah Packing Check list

There are few items we should buy and be ready with. You may have that in your mind already. But don't postpone to the last minute. Following are the must items you should have.
  • Ihram two pieces of white cloth for men, available on souq 
  • Duaa books and Quran small size
  • Tasbeeh
  • Prayer mat - some time you may have to pray outside due to heavy crowd.
  • Two to three pair of slippers.
  • A pair of cutting scissors to cut your hair once done the Umrah.
  • A small bag to carry the items.
Buy now

    # Ihram

    I had the doubt whether the Sharjah airport have the facility to make ihram. So I made the Ihram from from my home in Dubai and started in Taxi to Sharjah airport. But in Sharjah Airport I had found plenty of spaces for Ihram. So you can make Ihram from Sharjah airport if you wishing to do the same. 

    Check-in and Immigration was quite easy but the Air Arabia was delayed for two hours. In the flight they are announcing when you reach in miqqat. so you can have your Ihram niyyah in the flight. You can utilize the facility of making the Ihram at the Sharjah Airport.

    # in Jeddah Airport

     The immigration was quite easy. they haven't asked anything about taxi bookings and hotel bookings. I haven't done both because my relatives were there in Jeddha.  

    But few people saying that once you land in Jeddah and done with Boarder Control, then your Passport will be taken for processing for a short while and you will be asked, what hotel your going to and how you'd like to go to Makkah, whatever mode of transport you choose. If you have done hotel booking through agent or online(detail above) you can show the papers. So make sure you hold the printout copies with you.

    In the Jeddha airport we missing Good restaurants and good environment as in Dubai. Non-Arabic speakers will have the challenge to over come those.

    # Vaccination Card Samples

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    General information
    • All Umrah passengers will be arriving and departing from the Hajj terminalh June.
    • To avoid inconveniences due to congestion at the airport, Umrah passengers departing from Jeddah / Medina should report at least five hours before their scheduled departure time.
    • Each passenger must hold a confirmed return booking.


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    Hope I shared enough information you to proceed, if need any further details write to [email protected] How is your umrah preparation going on?