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How to lane change safely - thought from Dubai

Changing Lanes during driving in Dubai

There are many multiple lane roads in Dubai, with more being built to cope with increased traffic demand. Changing lanes on these roads may seem like a common driving task, but do not be
fooled into thinking this is easy.
To change lanes you need to:
  • Plan what you are going to do well ahead.
  • Check the position of vehicles ahead, behind and to your sides.
  • Signal early, as this warns other drivers and allows them to plan what they need to do.
  • Be aware that the driver in the vehicle in front of you may signal to change lanes at the same time. In this case, you should wait until the driver in front completes his move to another lane.
When you have checked that it is safe to change lanes make sure you:
  • Check your mirrors
  • Signal to the right or left giving sufficient warning to other drivers of your intentions
  • Check your mirrors again
  • Check your blind spot by doing a headcheck to the right or left
  • Control your speed as you may need to maintain, increase or decrease your speed depending on the traffic conditions
  • Steer smoothly and gradually, as this allows other drivers to let you in.
  • Once you are completely in the new lane remember to check your mirrors again and cancel your indicator.
The rules for changing lanes also apply whenever you cross any broken line marked on the
road which indicates that a lane ends – for example when merging into freeway traffic.
Maintain your vehicle’s position and do not cut into other lanes. If you want to change lanes
in slow moving, heavy traffic, check your mirrors and perform a head check to ensure that there is sufficient space for you to change lanes safe.

Tips on your driving test for lane change

  • Practice and practice
  • do mock tests with your friends and relatives - by imagining you are driving car. The lane change is a common task and experience drivers is doing very simply because it become a habit for them. As you are new to this mock test help to form the habit loop
  • Do not swerve - it will make you immediate fails

Tips on your daily driving

if you want to drive at lower speeds should keep to the slower lanes. 
if the maximum speed of the road is 120km/h and the minimum is 60km/h, this means that the speed on the lane on the extreme right is 60km/h and the next lane’s speed will be 70km/h and so on until you reach the fast lane,” said Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Dubai Traffic Police.
 follow safe distance while driving, do not tail gate
          The fast lane is meant for emergencies, such as people who are trying to get to a hospital, and should be used accordingly
           follow the lane discipline
 Wish you good luck

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dubai Driving License Tips

What are the major factors will be considering by the examiner in your coming driving test? Really the examiner is very much interest to know your safe driving skills.

Driving is a thrilling and interesting one for everyone and that was a dream for me many years. I quit initially after few classes because I felt like I can't do. Driving in 100KMPH and observing road, changing lanes. Rounadbouts.. oh man that too with rough instructors. But again my dream started kicking off and rejoined my classes and now I am holding the prestigious UAE driving license. It was a journey with tension and frustration. 

It took me four test to pass finally. But if I had to start my driving journey all over again, I would have done in first test. Why? Because I’ve learned a lot over these other three major failures which had lots of major and minor mistakes.

 I can share my lessons with you so you can learn from them. Here are tips lessons learned on my driving test So before heading up with your driving test in Dubai go through driving test tips below it will helpful for you.

1. Don't apply break when change lane

2. Move in to roundabout- only when there is no traffic from left side. Refer for more

3. Use 4 step procedure when change lane.

Well you aware that based on the direction you go, you have to do signal, rear view mirror, left/right mirror, shoulder check, rear view mirror again , if safe to change lane then change lane.

4. When approaching to main road through merging road keep steering straight and check appropriate mirrors and immediately accelerate to the road speed once enter to the merging road.

5. When changing lanes don't turn suddenly or don't swerve.

6. When left or right or U-turn, car should not touch the yellow line.

7. When merging to main road where not much ramp area check left and shoulder only.

8. Slowly approach u turn and round about.

9. Move inner circle in round about for left and u turn.

10. Not overtake or change lane in solid line

11. Don't lose your focus through out the test. Mistakes can be happen but don't think too much on the mistake which will troubles you to make more mistakes.

12. When merging if any vehicle coming stop within the lane don't cross yellow line in your left side.

13. Check center mirror each 5 seconds and when apply break.

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# My first test experience

Test : In test day we were three students who were in the exam. RTA examiner called my name first. So my turn was to take out the car from garage. Then I taken to main road and he told to few lane changes and entered to 100 speed road then he told to park the car. I have good confident that I am going to get the driving license, but the final result was not which I wished.

Second I failed because  I didn't check shoulder before moving. See the lesson from that test below.

# Drive the Car Stopped in the hard shoulder.

It will be helpful or your final RTA driving test in Dubai

  1. check the current condition - hazard light, gear in parking or not and hand break.
  2. Sit in the seat and position seat correctly, Ensure by pressing the break pedal 
  3. Adjust mirrors, rear view mirror, left mirror and right mirror
  4. Wear seat belt. 
  5. Check dashboard for warning signs such as door open or seat belt not wear by the examiner or not.
  6. stop hazard light and give indicator
  7. Gear D , remove handbrake
  8. check rear view mirror, left and shoulder again rear view mirror. If every thing clear GO

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# Conclusion

I hope you like the Dubai driving test tips shared here. Write to me to [email protected] if you need any further details.

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