Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Buy used car in Dubai - Things to know to every buyer

It looks everything easy in Dubai from outside. Same applies to buying used car too. Once got the driving license from Dubai I also got the same feeling that the difficult part is over, now I can go and buy a car and start driving. As I am an expat my aim was to buy the used car from Dubai and found that this task also tough in Dubai despite the fact there are many used car show rooms and dealers you can see every where.

There are numerous option when we start to think to buy a used car from Dubai. But nobody wants to end up in a situation like where my friend got into trouble. He got a branded new car from a Ford used car dealer ,by seeing the beauty of the car he immediately took the car without second thinking. And the day after in Dubai rained heavily and he found out that there are lot of water inside his car. He surprised and he taken to mechanic and he shown him that there are leakages in the roof.

  1. Find the right car
Finding a good car always challenging task. Also you decided to go for used car so you have the budget
    1. Dubizzle
    2. Other online store of used cars
    3. Friends and relatives
  1. Finalize the car
  2. Check the car
  3. Vehicle inspection Tasjeel
    1. Passing certificate
  4. Create Mulkiya from Tasjeel
  5. Get the number plate
  6. Salik tag
  7. Drive
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Driving License Experience - Karla Agno

I took my lessons in belhasa al wasl branch. I think it's a good idea to take the lessons in the main branch because it's easier to get familiar with the roads there. They have highways, residential roads, and a few roundabouts. In my experience, when I had my assessment and final road test, the road we used are the same ones as in the lessons. So, it was quite easy.
I came in at 7am to the center in preparation to my exam (which was scheduled 7:30). I took the seat behind the driver's seat which gave me the chance to drive second. When it was my turn, I made sure my left side was clear before driving. Remember to check your mirrors and shoulder as you do so and remember to turn off the hazard signal before u signal left.
When the road was clear, I drove off. It's important to remember that in the highway, you have to pick the pace up otherwise you will have a hard time changing lanes. I made sure I was showing the examiner that I was checking my mirrors and shoulder before changing lanes and speeding up at the same time. Remember to look ahead as well because there are instances that there are cones ahead so u don't have enough chance to change lanes quickly.
I waited for her instructions before I did anything. I find it best to respond to her instructions whenever she gave them. An 'ok' or 'Yes madam' was fine. This tells her that you are alert. I also kept my speed limit to 45 in the residential area and used my breaks slowly before entering the roundabouts and speed bumps. Be careful with the breaks. Only push the breaks quickly when there's a hazard ahead (jaywalkers, sudden approaching vehicles, etc). Examiners like a smooth ride.
Upon entering the roundabout, I made sure my left side was clear and my signals are on. When the examiner tells you to turn left in the roundabout, check your signals. Do a left signal first and a right, right before you enter the left side. This indicates the drivers behind you that you are not taking a u-turn. The Examiners will appreciate it.
Lastly, upon breaking for the other examinee, I signaled right, slowed down, checked my mirrors as I moved out of the road. I also put my gear on P and used the handbrake before pressing the hazard signal. And before coming out of the car, I checked behind me if there were approaching vehicles. When it was clear, I opened the door and went to the backseat.
I guess that was it. :)
Oh and one more thing... Try to remain calm and collected. I know everybody's nervous. I know I was. But what helped me was listening to some dance music before I took the exam (helped me loosen up a bit) and I was chewing gum. For me, chewing gum helps with stress for some reason. Also, wear comfortable shoes. Shoes that will make u feel the pedals not thick soled ones.
I hope this long reply helps.
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Dubai Driving License Test Experience - Emirati Boy

A special thanks to almighty allah :-) for passing me in rta road test conducted at BELHASA, Al wasl (10:00Am).
So, I am Wajahat from dubai ya3ni local, I went to driving center at 9:30am and threw my Learning permit and RTA test confirmation letter in the queue box the box is located just left side of the theory center gate, The confirmation letter is to collected from the room number 3, RTA dept. And i did :-).
At the time when my examinar ya3ni شرطة he called my name and i stood up and said 'salam' I know arabic so introduced my self, Well maybe if you're lucky inshallah you may get few examinar like this as i got alhamdulilah he was really great and cooperated, It is recommended to innitiate a small talk if possible as they would really appreciate.
After i am done i went, Most of the time your name is in the order amd examinar will say you to sit in the car but i was second and got chance to second drive.
We were 3 guys (1 Uae, 1 Pakistan, 1 Bangladesh) The pakistani got his named called at first and he went to the driving seat, The drills which is to be done before car or engine start was all perfect but the sudden, He made a slight collidable mistake while getting out of the RTA parking lot his car's bonnet was about to touch, I said see front then examinar said me 'no words please' i said 2sf (sorry) And we continued,
Pakistani guy's waypoint:-
Parking lot exit.
Stop sign, Turn right.
Right, Then merging.
2 times line change Left to right suddenly and emergency parking.
Then my turn, He called my name and i said 'afwan' Means welcome. 
My waypoints:-
Emergency parking exit.
Turn right, To merging roads (100 kmph speed).
Then finish, I was so surprised that he drove with me only 2:56 time lol.
Bangladeshi guys waypoint:-
Emergency parking exit.
Roundbout straight, Right bend towards merging.
Then Exit towards our school.
Then left, He made a mistake here, read full post i'll tell :-).
So, When turn came i looked behind through the left mirror and then rear view mirror, Please note that never move the vehicle untill your shoulder/head check is completed. I did and went to the road and he said me Go right, I indicated and whild braking i looked into center mirror by moving my head not just eyeballs, Here most of the people just get bumped ya3ni fail. So i did this and then i had road mergings in this place or task many many of them fail the test because they are going into the yellow zone and this is major one :-). You're failed. (Advice:- Ifyou can't find enough gap/room for your vehicle so just damn stop your vehicle complete stop or else if traffic is not much just slow down to 70 or 60 and see and go, Process is needed same as line change.)
The bangali guys turn-:-
His 3rd try, I said him that dont worry this is your final and last he smiled at me and i just got slight feeling that he will pass because he was really good guy tho.
He sat inside the car, Examiners want safe drivers so While entering your vehicle please check the left mirror in order to avoid crash, This is also de-merit point :-). (12 De-merit minor points you are pass).
He drove off and was going and all of sudden i noticed a mistake but alhamdulilah examinar did not and i did not want to tell him because he will fail and thats not good :-) the mistake was while merging he accelarated damn hard that our car was roaring hard i thought this is major mistake and comes under sudden accelerate but no because we have to and the other mistake was no head/shoulder check this is also minor point, But oh my god He passed the exam without single fault :-D.
My tips to you people is just easy please read carefully,
- Remember to initiate a small talk between you and examinar (Not all get this chances as some examinars are really serious and strict).
- Listen to music not like titanic or some, Listen arabic song or its better to read quran or holy book :-).
- Never say a single word unless you are told to.
- Never argue, If he points a mistake say him 'Yes ya sir i wont repeat' <smile>.
- Dont be over smart or feel too over confident, Examinars want small reason to fail you.
- Wear great clothes, Apply perfume or attar, Dont wear sunglasses, No funky clothes, You must look like a manager of a bank lol :D.
- Arrive early in the school and observe other trainee users and imagine that you are in seat of them and what you will do.
- Make sure to look in your dashboard lights as i mentioned that they just want to fail you for silly reasons, He may remove his belt while your eyes are on the drill and you may not notice 5alaas, You are fail. 
- As shams mentioned thinking of mistakes will ruin your test, Just think you will take your girlfriend or wife withyou after you pass inshallah.
- Before leaving or entering your vehicle check your back and observe your surroundings. 
- In road dont sing or look here there, Fokus on the driving.
- Silent your mobile phone, Dont take photo or video this is serious case and may leads to license BAN.
- Dont shake your car, Dont brake hardly, Dont speed up suddenly unless you are in heavy road.
If you need more help ask me on facebook:-).
Thank you, Have a good day :-), Give me good news :)
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