Thursday, May 1, 2014

7 lessons learnt from driving training in dubai

Driving training in Dubai taught me so many lessons which definitely will be helpful in my life. Here I am pointing out the few important learning

1. Driving

Yea definitely I improved a lot in my driving still there are lot to learn

2. Patience

The level of patience improved as following a number of reasons. Once I stopped the class I could have to wait to restart my class for over 2 months. The large number of students long awaiting queue for the payment and customer service will definitely added up your patience level .

3. Planning 

You should have to plan your budget and your drive as well. If you pass in the first chance and you are a new student you may have go spend around 3500 AED for the dubai driving license. But in your fail in each rta test will cost you around 800 AED etc. this will include rta test fees also. So careful planning is really required.
And during driving you have to plan your lane change in well in advance for safe driving in dubai or anywhere in the world

4. Observation 

As many of the unexperienced drivers I was not understanding the importance of observation while driving. But when you drive in 100 km speed road absence of proper observation it will trouble you lot. Frequent checking of rear view mirrors and check all mirrors before lane changing will make you a Safe driver always. Also proper looking of the surrounding condition really required.

5. Perform under pressure

You are waiting in the rta test waiting launch and you started feeling the tension in your heart and it will increase depend on the number of rta test you attended so far. So here I was undergo a new lesson to perform under pressure. My win/loss is five minutes away once I go to the driving seat and I know every mistakes count. This lesson is very important in all aspects of life for eg, if you are working in a company with tight deadlines, and every moment company expecting output from you.

6. Proactive

You are getting monitored in your driving classes by the instructor and he is continuously giving the instruction or even shouts in most of the time, but during test the examiner will not say what you are doing right or not. Instead you have to plan proactively each steps. How fast you go, how to make lane change. The time you start proactively planning how each steps you make in the test definitely take you to success path.

7. Confidence

My confidence level increased as I go through the driving course and I can drive well in the highways and roads in Dubai.