Thursday, November 21, 2013

E-dirham card advantageous

E-Dirham Card

The E-Dirham Card can be used to make payments for a range of things including Emirates ID cards, visa renewals, court cases and even movie tickets.

The first-generation "e-dirhams" were prepaid cards that could only be used to pay for government services at specific ministries.

 "e-Dirham G2"

The G2 prepaid cards are Visa co-branded, which means they can be used to pay for government services as well as many other things.
The cards also come in blue, red and gold options that offer different benefits, and customers do not need to have bank accounts to buy the cards. 

Customers do not need to fill in registration forms for e-dirhams if they only want to deposit up to Dh250 on the cards.They then receive Blue Al Haslah or Red Al Haslah cards. However, customers who want to deposit up to Dh20,000 on their e-dirham cards need to register on the e-Dirham G2 website,

  • Now, owners of the e-Dirham G2 cards can top up the cards using any NBAD deposit machines. 
  • They can also draw cash using any Visa-compatible ATMs around the world.

Problems cardholders had with the first-generation e-dirhams.

  • Customer couldn't top up the card; the card didn't have an expiry date.
  • If we had a transaction that was Dh90 (US$24.50) and you had Dh100 on the card, you'd have Dh10 on the card that you couldn't really withdraw, because there was no way to withdraw the cash," he said.