Thursday, November 15, 2012

Delete and Edit query in Hibernate Example

Delete functionality in hibernate

If you use HibernateDAOTemplate in your application you can refer the following code for the delete function this is a working example.

I am extending the HibernateDAOTemplate  so I will get the session object directly.
public class PasswordDaoImpl  extends HibernateDaoSupport implements PasswordDao

In this method the row id is passing as input. By creating a session object invoking the createQuery() method.

public int delPassword(int id) {
   Session session=getSession();
   String hql = "delete from Password where id= :id";
   session.createQuery(hql).setInteger("id", new Integer(id)).executeUpdate();
   return 0;

  • Password is the domain class name.
  • Getting the session object in the initial of class.
 Edit Query using hibernate Example

 public void editPassword(Password pw) {
    Query query = getSession().createQuery("update Password  set source=:src," +
    "userName=:user,password=:pw,remarks=:remarks where id=:id");
    query.setParameter("src", pw.getSource());
    query.setParameter("user", pw.getUserName());
    query.setParameter("pw", pw.getPassword());
    query.setParameter("remarks", pw.getRemarks());
    query.setParameter("id", pw.getId());
    query.executeUpdate();"editing password for the source: " + pw.getSource());