Monday, October 3, 2011

IT Trends in Dubai

  • In a simple words IT Trends in Dubai not a promising one
  • Most of the IT companies having sales and marketing offices in dubai
    • For example oracle, IBM HP are the named few.
  • Companies like emirates airline, ethihad airways etc. have their own development centres
    • These companies using different IT technologies based on their requirements, majority of them are
      • JAVA and web technologies
      • .Net and related technologies
      • Data warehousing
      • SQL/PL SQL
      • Others depends on needs
  • There are come companies medium sized doing the development work here
  • These companies are using industry standard different methodologies and standards
    • They are using Agile, RUP, SDLC methodologies
    • Some of the companies certified in ISO or CMM standards
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

International City, Dubai

International City, Dubai
  • Its spread over 800-hectare plot developed by Nakheel.
  • Developed in different architecture of various regions in the world.
  • in alwarsan region of Dubai coming on the way to Dubai-hatta road.

  • Distance from international airport 9km
  •  I am staying with family in studio flat that costs 1800/- AED per month

The Residential District is classified as 10 clusters like

  1. China District
  2. England District
  3. France District
  4. Persia District
  5. Morocco District
  6. Russia District
  7. Greece District
  8. Spain District - I am living in Spain even I am working in Dubai
  9. International city Spain cluster
  10. Italy District
  11. Roundabout view from my balcony

  12. Emirates
  • The dragon Mall- its big mall in international city in Chinese architecture provides Chinese products in less cost.
  • residential building which depicts architecture  styles of different regions of world. 
  • Sewage plant making bad smell
  • because of less rent more companies are providing accommodation here may leads to become a new Sonapur with standard labour camps

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