Friday, December 16, 2011

Google+ how to change language setting from arabic to englsh

I was in wonder initially when I open google+ all the page is listed in arabic. I tried to change the language from Arabic to English. while I am living in Dubai, this settings coming by default as regional setting you can change the language setting to any lanaguage as follows.

Open to your Google+ page. In the top right corner, there is a cogwheel,
click it, click on Google+ Settings (first option),
and there should language settings (4th one down) on the left.
Select English.
Now you done...:)

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Monday, October 3, 2011

IT Trends in Dubai

  • In a simple words IT Trends in Dubai not a promising one
  • Most of the IT companies having sales and marketing offices in dubai
    • For example oracle, IBM HP are the named few.
  • Companies like emirates airline, ethihad airways etc. have their own development centres
    • These companies using different IT technologies based on their requirements, majority of them are
      • JAVA and web technologies
      • .Net and related technologies
      • Data warehousing
      • SQL/PL SQL
      • Others depends on needs
  • There are come companies medium sized doing the development work here
  • These companies are using industry standard different methodologies and standards
    • They are using Agile, RUP, SDLC methodologies
    • Some of the companies certified in ISO or CMM standards
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

International City, Dubai

International City, Dubai
  • Its spread over 800-hectare plot developed by Nakheel.
  • Developed in different architecture of various regions in the world.
  • in alwarsan region of Dubai coming on the way to Dubai-hatta road.

  • Distance from international airport 9km
  •  I am staying with family in studio flat that costs 1800/- AED per month

The Residential District is classified as 10 clusters like

  1. China District
  2. England District
  3. France District
  4. Persia District
  5. Morocco District
  6. Russia District
  7. Greece District
  8. Spain District - I am living in Spain even I am working in Dubai
  9. International city Spain cluster
  10. Italy District
  11. Roundabout view from my balcony

  12. Emirates
  • The dragon Mall- its big mall in international city in Chinese architecture provides Chinese products in less cost.
  • residential building which depicts architecture  styles of different regions of world. 
  • Sewage plant making bad smell
  • because of less rent more companies are providing accommodation here may leads to become a new Sonapur with standard labour camps

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    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Hand Held Devices

    Hand Held Devices/ Terminals(HHDs/ HHTs) are smallest computer that allows to do the computation for the people outside the office environment also.

    The Intermec CN3 is one of the good hand held device that supports many features.
    Rugged device -
    Rugged means you can use in any rough environment for eg: we can drop this device from 11 feet! That won’t hurt. 
    • You can dip in water
    • even you can put under the car wheel still it will do the bar code scanning
    This supports
    Integrated GPS
    • WiFi, Blue tooth
    • Color camera – You can take pictures too, 2.0 mega pixel camera
    • You can use It as a mobile phone.
    • Audio Support is excellent. This gives the way to
    Dual speakers
    Wireless Bluetooth headset support
    Speech recognition
    QWERTY Keypad

    • Capture user signature & signature verification

    • Multi-media messaging : supports

    • Supports barcode scanning, printing


    • Hardware

    RAM Memory – 128 MB

    Microprocessor - Intel® XScale PXA270, 520 MHz

    This have mini SD slot, can attach memory cards up to 2GB

    • Software

    Operating system

    Windows mobile 5.0

    Windows mobile 6.1


    • Magnetic Stripe Reader – this helps to perform the transactions or recognize the employees by swiping the access card.


    • Approx Cost is : approx. 6600/- AED per unit(70,000 INR)


    • Advanced version of CN3 devices are CN50 and CN70. CN50 supports
    Optical character reading: Using for tag recognition and not for passport scanning. (OCR helps to read machine printed or typed or written character)
    • 3G
    • Can operate for 25 hours continuously if once fully charged.
    • CN 50 device helps to perform OCR using the technology Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (eMDI) which allows the user to take a photo of a printed document and analyse the image 
    • Camera 3 mega pixel
    • For barcode scanning - 1D and 2D barcode imager

    Cost - approx. 8000/- AED per unit(90,000 INR)

    The similiar category product from Motorola are Motorola MC9090, Motorola E5400



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    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    core 2 duo

    What is core 2 duo?

    This question is in my mind for some days.
    This post will answer this question i found from different information kiosks.
    First I enter here
    what complicated it is!
    Major departure from pentium net burst design. I didn't know pentium M processor also there. what a pity :)
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    Friday, January 28, 2011

    Emirates interview dubai

    Emirates Airline is a one of the prime company in the world. The main office is located in Middle East in Dubai. Emirates IT department is taking care of the various technological needs of the emirates group which spans emirates engineering, flightmanagement HR etc.
    This was a very good interview I had after a long time. I was bit nervous before going for the interview because it will be a door to dubai and also a big client in the world in air line industry.
    The interview process consits of
    • Aptitude test - Mathematical and reasoning eligibility test. Follows the pattern matching, numerical problems.
    • First Round Technical Interview
    • Final Round technical interview
    • HR Interview.

    As a senior software engineer position, they asked me following set of questions in Java technologies.

    This position was for Java expert and most of the questions I got related to Java technologies only.

    1. What is the Object orient concepts, Please explain.
    2.  What is exception implicit object in JSP and what is the use of that?
    3.  How servlet communicate each other?
    4.  What is inner join in data base?
    5.  What is associateion and aggregation?
    6.  what is Hiberante?
    7. How to handle the defects arised during the development.

    Edit:Recently Emirates adopted JSF/Spring/Hibernate technologies for all the new development so you can expect the questions coverign the trio.

    I joined in the emirates as consultant employee in the year 2011.
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